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Pool Heating - Heat Pumps - Solar - Installations

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In-floor Cleaning - Planning - Installations

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We, at Adlers, have been plumbing pools and completing equipment Installations for over 13 years. We cannot emphasise enough, the importance of good pool design, accurate hydraulics, correct pool plumbing, and the correct selection and installation of quality equipment. Get this wrong, and you will get to know your local pool shop staff very well and say “Good bye” to your Saturday mornings.

If your house is going to be your home and not part of a monopoly game then before you talk to anyone, sit down and list all the reasons for having a pool over your lifetime, as you age along with your house. Parties – Kids – Teenagers – Barbeques – Middle Age Fitness – Operation Recovery – Hydrotherapy – Wake. That’s a long time to put up with lousy pool plumbing and a maintenance intensive pool.

If the pool is just for the kids, then install an above ground pool and take it to the tip when the kids go to High School. You will still need good pool plumbing and equipment that will last the distance. Ten to twelve years is still a long time to be a slave to a pool. So, do it right.

Plants grow, wind blows, storms happen, trees drop leaves, then of course there are dogs and kids – well! The answer to all of this is a correctly installed In-floor Cleaning System. Why spend the money? Just ask someone with a pool surrounded by gum trees, a Poinciana, Jacarandas, or that pest tree known as a Chinese Elm. Yes, it will cost you more, to build a pool that will be a pleasure and not a pain, but it will be worth it. Talk to us.