Swimming Pool Plumbing for all Pools

“What’s so important about swimming pool plumbing?”, you might ask.

The answers are simple, first, MONEY. The extra money that you shouldn’t have to spend over the lifetime of your pool. The second answer is, TIME. The extra time you shouldn’t have to spend maintaining your pool. You know what they say about time and money.

“But it’s only a 40,000 litre rectangular pool. What can go wrong? Isn’t it just a skimmer box up one end and two returns down the other?. Surely, it’s that simple!”.

Yes, you could be forgiven for thinking that. Before the Swimming Pool Plumbing exercise can begin decisions need to be made. The decisions that are made will have a direct bearing on the future running costs of your pool and the time you spend maintaining your pool. These decisions include:-

  • Equipment location
  • Skimmer box location
  • Skimmer box make
  • Pipe size
  • Plumbing method
  • Equipment Selection

Please, do me a favour. Just as an exercise, come into our Service Base and look at the range of skimmer baskets that go into the many different types of skimmer box that are available. We will explain the differences. It’s a simple exercise, but one which should explain the importance of making the correct pre-build swimming pool plumbing decisions. When you have completed that exercise, ask yourself how many visits (because you have to) do you really want to make to a pool shop over the life of your pool.

Swimming pool plumbing of more complex pools requires hydraulics calculations. We can supply these along with a system curve for Engineer verification. There are Engineers who specialise in Pool Hydraulics. The more complex the pool, the longer the decision list becomes and the longer the time that should be spent on pre-build thought and on each decision.